Remove Fonts on Windows 7

Hi, this time i will share to you about how to remove font(s) from Windows 7.

I have install several fonts, hundred, maybe thousands. Now, after those installations, i always got a wrong font displayed on my browser

Yes, that is a big problem, a very big problem for them who are a web developer. At Windows 7, there are several problems available when you trying to delete the font(s) that you already install:

  • The font(s) is being used by another program
  • Your account is not permitted
  • Cannot delete font(s)

Yes, those problems always displayed when you trying to delete a specific font(s). The question will be:

Right now, only one user available on my Windows, so it should be an administrator. Then, why an administrator cannot delete a font and get an error message that says: your account is not permitted.

What is the use of ‘administrator’ then?

That question always be asked by the people who visit the Windows forum. And about that question, my answer is: you cannot delete the font(s) via Control Panel.

What you have to do is deleting the file via Registry. Please remember when the first time you add a font into your PC. Did you install it or the font just there on your PC?

You are installing it right? Any installation on Windows platform always adding several core information on Registry. If that information is removed, then the application or etc. will not be read by the Windows.

So, what you have to do in order to delete font(s) is by going to:

  1. Press [Windows Logo on your keyboard] + [R], you will have a ‘run’ windows displayed
  2. Type ‘regedit’ and press [enter] after you finish

After you did steps #1 and #2, you will have a new window displayed:

Regedit windows

Regedit windows

At this new window, you will have 3 main folders:


To remove the font(s), go to:



At this new window, you can freely remove the font you want. But be careful, since it was a registry, you shouldn’t remove/delete any folders, etc. or, you will have your Windows malfunction



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