Travella Theme Bug

If you are using Travella theme by ColorLabs, you may found a plugin named event manager is embedded into the theme.

The bug i found is: sometime, if you want to modify some settings that available on the ’embedded event manager’, you cannot save your changes.

And, yes. This bug is a huge problem, you cannot start your store if the condition is like this one. To fix this problem is very simple, you have to modify only 1 file named colabs-options.php

To access this file, you have to login into your FTP and go to directory: wp-content > themes > travella > includes > event-manager > admin

After you open the file, find out this code:

if( substr($postKey, 0, 7) == 'dbcolabs_' ){

Change the integer value, from become 9. So, the code will  looked like this one:

if( substr($postKey, 0, 9) == 'dbcolabs_' ){

And everything is done!


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