WordCamp Indonesia, Day #2

Here we go with the next day of WordCamp Indonesia. This second day is the last day of WordCamp Indonesia (there is no third day since several speakers cannot join us at Jogjakarta).

At this second day, many new and great speakers came to share their ideas, project, and products.

The fist speaker is Rishan Adnan, a representative of Microsoft Indonesia. If you take a look at the fist day of WordCamp Indonesia, Prime Strategy from Japan share to us about a product from Microsoft named Microsoft Azure. Today, he told to us more detail about this product.


Rishan Adnan, explaing about the Microsoft Azure dashboard

If you already have Microsoft Azure account (you have to purchase this product), you will have your own dashboard. At this personal dashboard, there is an option named WP Apps Studio. By using this feature, you can easily create a site.

The concept of this WP Apps Studio is like a Website Generator. Before you publish your site, you can test it by using simulation. If you want to try this product, you can go to http://www.windowsazure.com

Microsoft Indonesia also create a WordPress specified product that can be accessed at http://www.wordpresscamp.azurewebsite.net (this site was created at the same time when WordCamp Indonesia started).

As what he said, currently in Indonesia there are about 700.000 web developers and 400.000 IT professional. By looking up to those numbers, the competition in Indonesia is very tight. A good websites are no longer based on its design or feature. A great website should have a good content too.

By his sharing, i think that using Microsoft Azure would be great since the main advantage is you shouldn’t worried about the cache and your site loading speed.

The next speaker is coming from BINUS (Bina Nusantara University). If at the day #1 you read that a speaker from BINUS already came, this time the one who came was Danu Widyatmoko.


Danu Widyatmoko explaining his presentation

He is the big boss of BINUS DMD (Digital Media Development), and what he want to share this time is not the technical subject or programming.

As you know, before BINUS start using WordPress as its main site framework, they are using a site based on Code Ignitor. The main subject of his presentation was: how to persuade the top officers to allow the DMD use WordPress for its main site.

At that time, BINUS already have 35 sites working on Code Ignitor, each of them was used to displaying the news from each department it has.

The reason of why DMD want to use WordPress because of: a site using Code Ignitor was too hard to use for a newbie even if just to publish a new post. Several steps must be done before your post published.

Based on that problem, BINUS DMD already try several options and they stop at WordPress. The best answer for their question. As you know, to publish a new post using WordPress, you can do it only on 3 steps: Go to WordPress dashboard > Click on Add New Post > Publish It.

They made several presentations for the top officers to make sure if WordPress was the best choice for them. The biggest problem they have was: there are more than 1 divisions that ready to re-create the main site, it just like a competition inside the university.

And, the final result is: Until now, BINUS already have more than 100’s sites and 50’s micro sites based on WordPress. No one can beat WordPress.

You can check their main site at: http://binus.ac.id/


Talk show speakers, their names are mentioned below

Before we have our lunch, we got a talk show. The speakers are: Joshua Kevin (Brand Manager for KakaoTalk Asia), Wiku Baskoro (Founding Father of http://www.trenologi.com), Jauhari (founding father of http://www.ngonoo.com) and Valent Mustamin (WordCamp Indonesia Organizer).

By seeing who was speaking, i sure if the talk show should be interesting. But, at this talk show they are not sharing about coding or development issues. What they are talking is about what and how is your feeling to use WordPress as their business main core.

There are 2 best discussions i think:

Q: Where do you like best to publish a post on your site?

A: We think there will be a pro and cons people about this question.

As Valent Mustamin said, he already asked to Benjamin Thompson as the Automatic Guy about the same question. Benjamin Said if you will only get the maximum benefit from WordPress if you access the site using a PC.

On the other side, if you check on The Verge main site which is using WordPress, their post, their photo is always up to date. How they could take a photo, type a post, edit the post, and finally publish it without using a gadget (like a tablet or pad)?

As they said, using a gadget to publish your post is great, but only for a professional. A newbie may do more than one typos, a wrong pictures taken, etc.

So, the effectiveness of what device you are using is based on your self. If you already familiar using a gadget to publish your post, then go with it.

Q: Since all of you already have your own site, did you ever think to create your own apps for mobile? To give people an easy access to your site?

A: They have a same answer for question: NO!

What they said are: if you already publish one app for certain Operating System, for example an app for IPhone, indirectly you have a responsible to publish another app for another operating system.

Also, what you have to spent in order to publish an app is very high. It will take your money (off course) and your time. What if those time and money are spent for another purpose, let said if you are using it to improve your marketing tools or rent another staff in order to create a great post on your site?

After that, we got a delicious lunch from WordCamp Indonesia team, thanks for the lunch!

After the lunch, we have 3 more sections to go.

The first section’s speaker was Ridho Putradi (Telkomsel SEO Manager – Telkomsel is the biggest communication provider in Indonesia). What he talking about is: which one to be choosen? SEO or SEA?


Ridho Putradi, the Telkomsel SEO Manager

I think all of you already know about SEO, but what about SEA? As what he said, SEA is about Pay per click to increase your web traffic suddenly but in a short term.

Before you start to choose which one you have to go with, you’d better to know the main criteria of a good sites:

  • Content Quality: A good site need a good content to attract a visitors. Not only that, you will also need a good keywords and meta for your post. Just remember this one, even if you already install a SEO plugin, your SEO is not complete enough to make your post have a high SEO rank. You will need to add a tags explaining about your post, as details as you could
  • Online Authority: Same as in the real world, people will seek for the famous person. Your site should be famous by getting a lot of affiliates. You can do it by spending your money as a marketing tools (pay for Google Adsense for example)
  • Long Term Strategy: You have to think about a branding for your site. Something that could make people know about your site in seconds. Look for Yahoo!, just by seeing a purple ‘Y’ you already know if that is Yahoo. What you need to do is make your own logo or something that could be an identity for your site. Use that logo for all event/post you have
  • Future Investment: This is talking about spending your money. You pay for something such as a SEO company to organize your site

At this time now, many people out there (which is a newbie) are no longer use SEO because of:

  • Google already change the algorithm of their web engine. Currently, you are no longer able to see a complete details on your Google web master dashboard unless you pay for it
  • It is more effective to purchase the premium Google Adsense. The chance to displaying your ads using the free version is almost 1% only
  • Currently, social media is more effective than an adsense. You are the adsense machine, the more you tweet or update your post on Facebook, the more people will know about your site

There are also several tips from Mr. Ridho to optimize your SEO:

  • Type your post for human being. Most people type a post for a robot. They are typing like a journalist, using a complex typing and language. Just type a post using your own language
  • Always use CTR on every post you publish. The example of it was: <link rel=”publisher” href=”https://plus.google.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&#8221; />. This thing can be achieved using a plugin
  • Do not add too many ads if you are using self hosted site. People hate ads because of it is prevent people to read your writings
  • Never use a picture that come from another site. Which site you are going to promote? Your site? Or the image owner site?
  • Add your Facebook/Twitter feeds to your site as a widget. It will make people could reach you more easy
  • Make sure if your site already support responsive design, because the fact now is: 77% people in the world prefer to browse using their gadget than their PC

For me, that was a great information from Mr. Ridho. Hope if this information could also help you to improve your site.

The next speaker is coming from Malang (a city in Middle Java, Indonesia) named VAFPRESS. This group consists of 3 peoples, a very young man.

What they did was creating a new framework (a plugin based framework) to help you generate anything such as text field, custom post meta, etc.

This new thing could be generated for your page, theme options and many other. Very easy to use.

You can check out their site at http://vafpress.com/ or join them with the development at https://github.com/vafour/vafpress-framework.

The last speaker for WordCamp Indonesia is Rizqi Nofa, Mozilla Firefox Ambassador for Indonesia, he is also a Mozilla Jogjakarta Regional Leader.


Rizqi Nova, Mozilla Indonesia ambassador

What he share with us is about how Mozilla could maintain their huge fans, how they could maintain their community.

What Mozilla do to strengthen their community was: they give a permission to every community in the world to have their own mascot. By doing this, their community growing fast every year. Not only a mascot, they even could create their own ‘official’ swags and merchandises.


Kumi, Mozilla Indonesia mascot

The process to get this ‘official’ tag is very simple, the regional leader have to register their merchandise and mascot, and done!

You can check how Mozilla Indonesia maintain their community for details at http://www.mozilla.web.id/

By the end of Mr. Rizqi presentation, WordCamp Indonesia 2013 was closed.



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