Papuros Templates Problem

Hi there!

Yesterday, my friend Vychelv from Moscow sent me an e-mail asking about a theme from ColorLabs named Papuros (a child theme of Backbone theme).

On this theme, there are 2 confusing templates available: video and gallery.

Why confusing? Well, from the name you may guess if those templates will displaying a specific posts. For example, video template will only displaying a posts with video on it.

test2 - video

But, it is not. Both templates will displaying all posts you have, the difference between them is just the thumbnail size.

So, what Vychelv asking is about how to displaying a specific posts on those templates. Like, a posts that have a video on it will be displayed on video template.

Today, i will not share the codes to you, but the files. You can download them from this URL.

Once you download the files, replace the original files you have on Papuros theme with those modified files.



When you modify/add a new post, you will have a new options on your edit page. Yes, it is a post format. By using this feature, for example if you set your post to have a video post format, then the post will be displayed on video page template.

Very simple isn’t it?


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