Travella Theme Goes Blank

Hi again!

This morning i got an e-mail from my friend Abdul from Malaysia. He is asking about a problem he got with Travella theme.

At the first time, i think that the theme package that cause the error. Then, i ask him to send his Travella package to me. The package is good, on my local is working perfectly without any error, etc.

To make sure what is the error, i also ask for his WP-Admin and FTP account information. FYI, his WordPress is a new one which is still fresh and no plugin installed.

Just an advice for you. If you install a theme and your dashboard goes blank, first you have to check for the function.php file. Wipe all content from that file and redo one by one to check which code is the culprit.

Yes, that is a simple advice from me that work with this problem. if you take a look at the function.php file on this theme, you will find out this code:

require_once ($includes_path . 'events-manager/events-manager.php');
require_once ($includes_path . 'events-manager-pro/events-manager-pro.php');

Those code will call and load a plugin files named events-managaer and events-manager-pro. Two plugins called at once. With your theme it would be 3 actions at once. Then, to make the dashboard working fine i just remove those code from functions.php file.

Everything is going fine but the event feature is removed for a while.

For a cheap hosting package, it would be a serious problem if you do several actions at once. And for Abdul, the hosting package is the problem.

Since there are 3 actions made by activating Travella theme, the hosting PHP Memory is not enough.

If you got the same problem with Abdul, you can ask to your hosting provider to increase your PHP Memory limit. Once they make it, you can redo the modification made on functions.php


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