WordPress Problem With Lensa Theme

This morning, i got an e-mail from my friend Josh from UK.

He is using Lensa theme just for 3 weeks. As today WordPress launch a new version (v 3.8.1), he decide to update his WordPress version. At the update process there is no problem he got, the problem appear when he want to create a new post and page.


The option such as sidebar, etc suddenly disappear as you can see on the screenshot above. There is no option to publish, set the date, add category or tags and even featured thumbnail option is gone.

So then he decide to contact me about this problem. For sure, i never have any problem like this. After checking his WP-Admin, i got some clue at the Google Chrome ‘console’ which will tell you if your works got an error.

The culprit is Facebook Session. He never renew his session since the beginning he use Lensa. To fix this problem is very simple, you can go to: WordPress Dashboard → Lensa → FB Album Settings.

Reset your connection and everything will be normal again. Don’t be worry with the expired Facebook session, you can reconnect again.

And that’s it the solution. If you got any strange problem while using Lensa, you can do this trick to fix the problem.


5 thoughts on “WordPress Problem With Lensa Theme

  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could please help. I am using the Lensa theme at – http://www.vmjones.co.uk – however, when using Chrome when you enter the URL the slider loads but no header and footer. If you hit refresh the page then loads ok. This happens every time you visit the page.

    Your help would be much appreciated.


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