CSS Grid Float

Hi everyone,

Right now i want to share something great about CSS code. Before we go into the topic, did you ever think to modify your site to have a grid design?

download (1)

Grid design inspiration

Yes, grid design is looked like image above. If the box height is the same, i’m pretty sure if there will be no problem. But, the problem is coming when you have a different box height. The grid will be broken such as the image below:

UntitledYes, so many people are trying hard to make if have a perfect grid but with no luck. The other have a technique to use a JQuery to fix it and it is working fine. But, the question now is: for you who don’t know about JavaScript or JQuery programming language, how to achieve it?

At this post i want to share something great to achieve a grid layout just by using CSS code. You can use this code:

li.post-float-wrapper {
display: block; 
display: inline-block; 
border:1px solid transparent;
width: 43%; 
padding: 10px 15px; 
margin: 0px 15px 20px 15px; 
background: #fff;

And your grid is working fine!


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