WordPress Admin Blank

A blank WordPress dashboard can be caused by so many things. The common problem is because of:

  • Wrong code on your theme
  • Installing an uncompatible  plugin

To recover an error caused by that, you can simply login into your FTP and change its folder name. Or in other words you are turning off the plugin manually.

But, how if after you do that (via FTP) and the blank screen still exist?

If you do have that problem, please check your plugin. Did you have a plugin such as cache? If you have, do this step:

  • Open your wp-config.php and remove the empty space at the bottom
  • Add this code to your wp-config (the position doesn’t matter):
    define('WP_CACHE', false);

Once you do it, you should be able to login into your dashboard. Now, what you have to do is to turn off the cache plugin and remove the addition you did at the wp-config.php


3 thoughts on “WordPress Admin Blank

  1. Hi Christian,
    I have some trouble with the last versions of Lensa Theme.
    Since the 1.1.2 update (when the Lensa dashboard style changed to the new blue color) all the theme admin pages return blank pages, except the “Theme Info” and “FB Album Settings” (which displays correctly with the new style). Everything else works absolutely correct.
    So I disabled all plugins removed the theme, installed the theme + child again – same problem.
    I then cloned the website on another hosting site (free), installed same plugins, installed the theme + child, and everything works fine.
    So it appears that something changed with that framework update ( I think). Does it need to have some php function activated server-side?

    Also, as a side note, is there a possibility to automatically copy the version of the parent theme into the “Version: ” field of the child theme? I usually do this myself such that the theme stops telling me there is an update available even though I just updated it.

    Thank you

    • hi,

      the latest version of framework available to be downloaded is v that work fine with WordPress v 3.9.1. so, there is a possibility that your problem will be fixed once your update the framework.

      about the version seems there is no option to copy it to the child theme

      • I updated to the framework but still the pages aren’t displayed. The last framework that worked was After that (from 1.8.7) the only Lensa pages that work are “Theme Info” and “FB Album Settings” – the rest return absolutely blank pages, even on WordPress 3.8 si I don’t think that’s the problem.
        If I look at the page source the last line reads: #wpadminbar { display:none; }
        I will leave it as it is and update manually – I don’t need to do any changes, at least not for a while.

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