Product Images On Magnus

Recently, my friend Lissy from Indiana asked me about an e-commerce theme from ColorLabs. For me this is a big surprise since it has been so long since the last time i’m checking an e-commerce theme.

What she asked is about the product images. As you know this theme have a compatibility with several e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, JigoShop and WP E-Commerce.

At this case, what Lissy asked is about the product images with WooCommerce plugin. Create a regular product won’t be a problem, but the problem came when you create a variable product.

Those amazing e-commerce plugins allow you to create a variable product which means your customer may choose a color, size or anything from the product. And the best part of it is you can upload a custom image for each product variation. For example if someone choose a red color of your product, then the product image will turn red (depends on what image you upload for that variation).

But, this theme is different. That amazing feature is not working. So, i check the file of the theme that working on the product image, what i found is the theme it self are not adding the features.

The developer choose to add an image gallery for your product images, a slider for details. For me that is great, but some people prefer to have the default WooCommerce product variable gallery like Lissy.

To make it, you can download the file here. That file contains the magic that will let the default WooCommerce variable gallery working.

Once you download the file, upload it via FTP to directory: wp-content > themes > opulence > woocommerce > single-product, and done!


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