Papuros Slider Missing


Recently i found an error at one of child theme from ColorLabs. It is Papuros. This theme is a magazine or can be also said as a blog WordPress theme.

If you check at the demo page, it is displaying the slider well. But, what my friend Elisa from Poland have not working. The slider is not loaded at all.

Since she asked me about it, then i check the code. Start from the looping and also several files related to the theme and also the parent theme (Backbone). The loop code of the slider that available at a file named index.php, it is fine.

The problem will be revealed if you do inspect your site. A file named sooperfish is missing from the parent theme (Backbone). That file which is controlling the slider.

So, to fix it you can upload this file via FTP to directory: wp-content > themes > backbone > includes > js. Once you made it, go to the theme dashboard and click on the save change button before you see your site.

And voila! the slider will working fine.


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