How To Make A Good Website?

Everyone, including me want to have a good website. Good website is not only based on how good looking is it, what JavaScript effect does it use, what features it have, etc.

These days, a website have several requirements it need to complete before it can be categorized as a good website. Most of the requirements are not only have an impact into your website score (such as Google Pagerank, SEO rank, etc) but also give a huge impact into your customers/visitors.

At this post, i will share to you what you need to avoid and what you need to have or complete before launch your website. In case you already have a website, you can also follow this guide to make your website even powerful than before.

Site Title

Many people thought if the title of website is not important. For example you usually doing this: tandamerah in WordPress | free code to be copied by everyone from anywhere around the world.

What do you see from that example? Most people usually type their company name and also a short description about what they do.

If you are doing that, it is your first mistake. If you are talking about SEO score, you will have a notification if your title is too long and the SEO can’t accept that. In return, your site will not be indexed perfectly.

The title of your website should be less than 70 characters (including space) and minimum is 10 characters.

Site Description

Still related to the SEO, your site description should be less than 160 characters (including space) and minimum characters is 70. And also make sure if that description have at least 1 keyword that describing your business or the purpose of your website.

For example my blog. The name of it is tandamerah, the keywords that is suitable for me is WordPress since the most/almost all posts i’ve made related to WordPress.

You can read more about the meta description here.

Heading Tag

A good website should containing at least 3 heading tags. What i’m talking about is the heading tag on HTML. For example H1 until H6.

You can use as many H2-H6 tag per page you made, but there is only one seat available for the king. Yes, the H1 tag can only used once per page. If you are using more than one H1 tag inside your page/post, it will be your third mistake.

Keywords Consistency

A website that have a lot of posts, for example a WordPress based site is allowing you to use a different keywords per post. Do you think this is a good point?

It is hard to decide whether it is a good point or the joker. When you decide to type a keywords for a post you made, the other posts also need it.

For example if you already made a post with keywords WordPress, then you have to publish another posts using this keywords. It is doesn’t matter how long is the gap between them, what matter is the consistency to boost your SEO point.

Image Attribute

Whenever you upload an image to your post/page, don’t forget to add some attribute into the image. For example you add alt attribute into the image.

For example: <img src=”this is image.jpeg” alt=”this is image”>. There is also a limitation about how much characters you can use for the alt attribute, it is up to 150 characters (including space) to describe what image is this.

At this case, it is used to boost up your website loading speed. You can test your website loading speed here.


Since the biggest search engine today is Google, then you have to following the rules they have. One of them is Google+. You will need to add some Google+ URL inside your site. It is doesn’t matter how much URL of Google+ you have, what matter is you should have it at least 1.

For example: <a href=”; rel=”publisher”>Visit us on Google+</a>.

Broken Links

This is your biggest enemy if you love to add an external URL into your post/page. A broken links will made your site loading time a little bit slower. A broken link is not only about external URL, but also your internal URL.

WWW Resolve

Your website should be able to accessed with or without www in front of the URL.


Never, never, never!!!! Use an underscores sign at your URL. It will be a pain in the ass for the Google crawler. If you need a separation for your URL, you’d better to use a dash instead of underscore.


What year is it now? 2014? Oh God, maybe i’m lost!

At 2014, you already have a lot of resources to make your site become responsive, anyway these day most people always use their smartphone and tablet to browse something. A responsive layout will be a plus point for your site to decrease the loading time of your website.


Many people want to have a good effect implemented into their website or a good looking website using a CSS code. But you have to be worried about what is the effect of that effect to your website loading speed.

Your website should have less than 4 CSS files used by your website or WordPress theme. And also you can’t use more than 7 JavaScript files. If you need to use those CSS codes or JS codes, you’d better to merge all of them into one single file.

And also never use an inline CSS code. It will reduce your website loading speed.

 404 Page

This is the small thing that always forgotten. When you make a website or a WordPress template, make sure if you also made a custom 404 page. This will give you a plus point when your site is indexed by a search engine crawler.

And that’s all what you need to know when you are trying to make a new website or already have a website.


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