Your Internet Blocked? Try This One

As what as i know, internet is everyone right. Once you pay for it, then you can use it as you want, download a files, streaming or even browsing your favorite websites.

That thought nowadays seems no longer correct and applicable since many peoples arguing about how people use the internet connection. Some of them which pros with the internet connection said that the internet connection can be used for many purpose you want and need, even for the kids.

The one that is cons against this thought said that internet connection is bad, it make a gap between people in real life. Most people are focused on their gadget and prefer to talk via social network or something else. And also internet connection is bad for kids, they can access any adult contents as they want everywhere.

In Indonesia, this problem is coming to the surface. The minister of Information and Technology, Tifatul Sembiring already made several big impact for the internet business.

He said that he want to provide a clean internet connection for everyone, so the young generation will not able to access an adult content. For me, that is ok since women always be the subject or victim and also to make a good generation.

274665_20140318014457After several weeks/months after his decision to block several popular adult websites, he is following an adult Twitter account that always sharing about herself nude and doing the adult stuff. This is a big news on the Indonesian society, they said if the minister is the two faces.

The next problem he made is blocking Vimeo, so till now all Indonesian peoples cannot access this website unless we are using a proxy or VPN or any other ways. He is also planning to block several others such as Reddit.

Now, the biggest problem is he already block the Google DNS ( This problem already make a huge impact on many business. For example, right now i’m working at home and handle several websites at the world wide, mostly America and Europe. By this problem, i can’t access several websites of my client.

Turkish peoples already have this problem a long time ago, and i myself don’t know how they can survive.

If you have the same problem like this, don’t be worried since i’ve found a good software to help you bypassing the DNS that distributed by your ISP. You can download the file here.

Once you open the software, you will see this window:


At this window you have to choose which adapter is used for the internet connection and tick it to activate the DNS bypass. Then open the config tab.


Once you open the tab, choose which DNS server you want to use. If you asked me, i’d prefer to use OpenDNS since it is already tested for the security top access https. Activate the gateway option then click the start button.

Voila! Your blocked websites and downloads will working as it used to be.


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