Salvatore New Feature


Anyone of you here using Salvatore? This theme is a business/event listing WordPress theme by ColorLabs. If you know about a website named zomato, this theme have a same feature like that.

This theme have an event feature that allow you to publish an event listing and also with attendees list (people can join the event online).


For example is the image above. You can see how many people attending with their name (when hovered) and also the avatar (supported by But, there is something missing from this list. It is the URL of the attendees.

The avatar is not clickable, for some people it is like a pain in the ass.

At this post, i will share how to make the avatar to displaying the attendees website URL. This URL can be edited at: WordPress dashboard > Users > Your Profile. Or if you are acting as a member of the site that using this theme, you can edit the website URL from the user dashboard.

I will not tell you the code by details, but you can download the file instead to make it quicker. You can download the resource from here.

Once you download the file, upload it via FTP to directory: wp-content > themes > salvatore > includes.


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