Free Design!


Lately i’m really bored with the usual activity and i’m trying something new, designing a WordPress theme. Once the designs already done, i’m not sure whether i have to develop it into a WordPress theme or not since i’m quite busy right now.

So, at this post i’m going to share the design to anyone who read my blog. Maybe you can make it into a WordPress theme or anything else and i’m fine with it as long as you telling me first or adding tandamerah as the designer of the theme.

You can check the screenshots of the main page below (i made 2 designs):



This design is about a usual WordPress blog.



And this design is about a business one landing page WordPress theme.

It is funny about the dummy contents, all of it are using a food as the object since i love to eat. Any food as long as it is eatable, i will eat it 🙂 .

So, what do you think about it? Quite good isn’t it? I will share to you the PSD of the design if you really want to develop the design. You can find me on Twitter (available on the sidebar).


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