Lensa: Autorun Background Slider

Hi Everyone!

If i have to count about how many people asked me about how to make the background slider of Lensa (when viewing a post/page) to be always playing like at the main page, i don’t know how many pages i need to type all of them lol 🙂 .

At this post, i want to share to all of you how to make it happened. To do it, you just have to modify a file named plugin.js. You can find out this file by logging in into your FTP and go to directory: wp-content > themes > lensa > includes > js.

Once you open the file, find out and remove this code:

/* Play/Pause Toggle
    base.playToggle = function(){
      if (vars.in_animation || !api.options.slideshow) return false;    // Abort if currently animating
      if (vars.is_paused){
        vars.is_paused = false;
        // Call theme function for play
        if( typeof theme != 'undefined' && typeof theme.playToggle == "function" ) theme.playToggle('play');
        // Resume slideshow
            vars.slideshow_interval = setInterval(base.nextSlide, base.options.slide_interval);
            vars.is_paused = true;
            // Call theme function for pause
            if( typeof theme != 'undefined' && typeof theme.playToggle == "function" ) theme.playToggle('pause');
            // Stop slideshow
        return false;

Once you made it, you can check your site and the background slider will start working. And that’s it, have fun!


At least, i want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. Probably, i will not able to update the blog during the holiday, enjoying my holiday (hope you too!)


8 thoughts on “Lensa: Autorun Background Slider

  1. Greetings and Happy New Year. I’m not sure how to reach you other than to reply to one of your emails, like this one. First, let me thank you for all that you do. Your posts are very helpful. I have a question that you may be able to answer: I want to make the main image on the front page of Lensa a video rather than an image. If you know how, could you write a post about it when you have time or send an email, if that’s easier. Thank you and keep up the good work! John Brzezinski Evanston, IL USA

  2. Hi,

    Thank your for your very useful posts about Lensa theme, it helped me a lot!
    I’m having some troubles with my website since I made the last update of the theme; my background slideshow isn’t working anymore, while I didn’t make any other changes. It just loads and loads and loads, without any picture appearing. Did you also encounter this issue? Do you have by any chance an idea of what is causing this issue?

    I wish you all the best!

    Alexia, France

    • Hi Sylva,

      Could you check if you are using a static page? You can check it at: WordPress dashboard > Settings > Reading.

      if you are using it, the slider will not work.

  3. Hai, maaf saya sudah mencoba menelusuri beberapa postingan dari web anda. Tapi saya belum juga faham bagaimana proses awal membuat slide show di homepage awal dari lensa theme. Bisa tolong beri penjelasan detail kepada saya postingan mana saja yang bisa membuat slideshow tersebut?.
    Terima kasih.

    • Hi,

      Untuk membuat slider jalan gampang, anda tinggal masuk ke WP dashboard > photograph.

      buat satu photograph lalu upload gambarnya (minimal 1024 x 640 px) sebagai featured image. dan jangan lupa opsi ‘featured’ di centang

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