Another Idea to Modify Travelous Theme

Hi! After long time not touching this blog, today i will give some inspiration to modify Travelous theme by ColorLabs. As you can see on this screenshot below, the default design by ColorLabs is looked to old school compared by today design:

Travelous - Premium Travel Blog WordPress Theme


If you’re a professional writers or an editor of travel magazine, for sure you will avoid this old school design. At my client site who bought Travelous from ColorLabs, i do some major modification with the theme:

PepperSpoon - Eat Now, Live Tomorrow, Die Well

Yes, on this site, i did a lot of modification:

  1. Map, This section is moved from bottom section to top. Also, the size of the map become 100% to make sure if people get the best guide to check the places
  2. Content Section, This section now have a JQuery pagination (scroll down to load more posts). Also, at this section i didn’t make the thumbnail size equal. Also the title font is changed
  3.  Footer Section, currently this section is removed. I still confuse to use a widgets or a credit on this section. But, i think i will go with a widgets section

You can check the site i were building at this url


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